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Affinis Advisory joins MediAnswers

MediAnswers has broadened its range of services for both demand and supply side clients by combining forces with Affinis Advisory Group. Already well known for its proficiency in media systems integration, standards leadership, custom software development, and education, MediAnswers adds in-depth capabilities in market, product, and sales development at a time when industry dynamics have outpaced traditional "buy the brand" practices.


What We Do

MediAnswers is your premier partner for development expertise - market, product, software systems integration, and sales. Our team of experts are intimately involved in all aspects of the media business with decades of experience. We assist suppliers, system integrators, media organizations, standards bodies and non-profit groups in creating, integrating and optimizing complex software and workflow solutions.

How We Help

Experience Matters

We have led large and small projects, both short and long term. Our deliverables range from the successful creation of new standards, complete systems implementations by hundreds of media operations around the world, establishing beach head presence and inertia for suppliers with radical differentiators and bringing clarity to strategic and tactical initiatives. We are veterans when it comes to managing projects and teams to successful and timely conclusions and we can do the same for you.

Our Experience


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