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Ad-ID is the leader in providing managed identification and metadata for the advertising industry.  MediAnswers has led a variety of initiatives on behalf of Ad-ID.  Chief among these were: authoring SMPTE Recommended Practices on the representation of Ad-ID in BXF, Representation of Ad-IDs in MXF, and Digital Advertising Slate.
Aveco is a leader in production automation and master control automation.  MediAnswers has worked with the team at Aveco on wide-ranging support of the Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) standard, enabling a standardized means of enabling a host of interfaces with partner companies.
CIMM is an industry-wide coalition of leading media companies, seeking improved cross-platform measurement.  MediAnswers has led CIMM’s effort to standardize the Open Binding of IDs in SMPTE (a follow on project to the CIMM TAXI project) since its inception.  This project aims to revolutionize cross-platform media measurement by enabling the binding of Ad-IDs and EIDRs to content (as well as Distribution IDs and Timestamps) in such a way that the binding survives all forms of distribution to the consumer.  This enables unambiguous identification of content, and accurate measurement of its consumption by viewers.

Crown Media is behind the very popular networks of Hallmark Channel. MediAnswers has assisted Crown Media with its migration to cloud-based playout operations. We have ensured that the integration between their Traffic and Automation systems operate at an optimal level from top to bottom, ensuring the maximum in flexibility, future-proofing, and reliability.

ECN leads the media industry in enabling agency-broadcaster integration.  We have provided guidance to ECN in its work on automating the exchange of traffic instructions with its media partners.
Florical Systems is a leader in television automation systems.  MediAnswers’ expertise in the area of BXF has been brought to bear on projects in concert with Florical for delivery of playlists, as runs, dub, and purge lists for their customers.
Guitammer is a leading company in providing a haptic/tactile experience when viewing such things as live sports.  Would you like to feel every hit in a hockey game, or experience the rumble of a top fuel dragster?  Guitammer makes this happen.  MediAnswers assists Guitammer with the standardization of the representation and transport of haptic/tactile data within drafting groups under SMPTE’s 10E and 32NF Technology Committees.
FOX is one of the largest media organizations in the world.  MediAnswers led a key activity within the Joint Task Force on File Formats and Media Interoperability on behalf of Fox, to study and produce a report on the state of the industry in the area of essence and metadata interchange among the major broadcast and cable networks and those who supply them with content, which led to the initiation of the NABA DPP project.
Inneos provides the ability to transport very high bitrate video (up to 4K and 8K UHDTV) over a single strand of fiber.  MediAnswers is leading an effort on behalf of Inneos to standardize Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) over multilink SDI.  We Chair SMPTE’s 32NF-40 Drafting Group on this subject.
Invision provides traffic and billing management to the media industry.  MediAnswers served as Invision’s experts when they embarked upon the addition of BXF capabilities within their Crossroad product.  We worked closely with the Invision team during the analysis and design, and development of this capability, ensuring smooth integration with their partners.
Mesclado is one the leading independent media consultancies in Europe.  MediAnswers has worked with Mesclado to provide expertise in the area of media software system integration.  The two companies are also partners in producing educational seminars for the North American market on the Interoperable Master Format (IMF).
Metaglue offers one of the industry’s premier MXF tools in MXFixer, in addition to a suite of solutions for those utilizing the Material eXchange Format for media file interoperability.  MediAnswers is working closely with Metaglue to refine it’s tactical approach and forward looking business strategies as MXF itself moves beyond adoption into transformative new workflows and automated processes.
NABA counts the major broadcasters in Canada, the US, and Mexico among its constituents.  MediAnswers is leading the NABA DPP project, which aims to automate the exchange of media file delivery specifications between networks and providers of content to them.
PBS engaged MediAnswers to help lead the re-imagining of their media supply chain. We helped them to sort through dozens of potential solutions, and focus on the ones that will serve PBS best today and into the future. This was a highly cloud and service-focused project, with the aim of moving as much on-premise systems as possible to the cloud, taking advantage of all the benefits inherent in that.
Pebble Broadcast provides master control automation systems to some of the world’s leading media organizations.  MediAnswers has assisted Pebble Broadcast in Market and Sales Development initiatives as well as tactical implementations of standards-based integration with its Traffic system partners.

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT) offers customers transformational solutions that help automate the content supply chain and digitally mediate enterprise workflows to manage not just the content, but the business of content. MediAnswers has provided strategic consulting to PFT.

RCS manufactures automation systems for the largest radio broadcast organizations in the world.  Engaged MediAnswers to help build a turnkey BXF implementation for its Zetta radio automation system.  We provided not only consulting expertise, but project management, and development resources to help RCS achieve their goals.
Rocky Mountain PBS is public television for the Rocky Mountain region.  RMPBS engaged MediAnswers to evaluate their current digital asset management situation, document all aspects of it, and recommend next steps to advance their capabilities in this area.
SAN Metro Media provides Ultra Low Latency (ULL) WAN infrastructure with optional managed services to the Studio, Production and Post, and Content Distribution market segments. Managed services include content encryption, transcoding, Auto QC, packaging and system administration including Interoperable Master Format (IMF) solutions. The platform design can utilize private and public cloud infrastructures to tailor the price, performance and scalability required to address the variables of today’s business challenges.
Softvallee’s Teamium production workflow system is a highly focused yet incredibly flexible approach to managing all aspects of production workflow, from idea to invoice with end-to-end analytics. Built on a virtualized platform, Teamium can be implemented 100% cloud, on premise or hybrid along with scaling from a single OB/EFP truck to multinational projects. MediAnswers is Softvallee’s global partner.
Tedial is one of the leading providers of standards-based solutions to the media industry, particularly in the area of IMF (Interoperable Master Format).  MediAnswers has helped Tedial market its solutions to North American media companies through a partnership with its IMF seminars, produced in conjunction with Mesclado.
Tektronix is the well known, global leader in real time video and audio stream analysis. Tektronix also provides a world-class range of advanced test, measurement and repair products for file-based workflows. MediAnswers provides Market and Sales assistance to the US team with our in-depth expertise of the Tektronix Aurora Auto QC and universal Hydra Player.
Third Bridge (formerly known as Cognolink)is an executive consulting firm, which engaged MediAnswers to provide consulting on the state of media software systems in the areas of programming, sales or CRM, traffic, promotion and rights management.  We helped in the areas of market analysis, competitive analysis, and market opportunity.
Founded by the legendary Ted Turner, Turner Broadcasting is one of the most well-known organizations in the global media business.  We have provided high level consulting to the Turner organization on media software systems integration across its wide array of networks that span the globe.
Based in Toronto, Yangaroo helps to connect those buying and producing ads with those who then get them to consumers.  We have provided guidance to Yangaroo in its work on automating the exchange of traffic instructions with its media partners.

vCreative is the leader in advertising production workflow. MediAnswers has worked with vCreative with strategic consulting on their vPRO product, aimed at the TV station market.