• “A Trusted Voice. Seldom do you have the opportunity to work with someone whose analysis and view of a situation is consistently on-target, and one you can trust. It’s even more rare when the topic is technology related…

    …Chris is that trusted advisor. I’ve relied on Chris for insight into trends and new technology on many occasions and his judgment always spot-on. If you have to make a ‘bet your business’ decision which has technology implications, you had better be seeking out Chris. Better yet, he should be leading your technology team.”

    -Rob McConnell,
    CEO, Indycoast Partners

    Former CEO, Enterprise Systems Group

  • john-footen“Chris is a brilliant technologist and strategist. His work on BXF has set the ‘standard’ for standards in file-based systems communication. His experience is broad-based and his knowledge of detail and how it relates to the big-picture is unmatched. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone.”

    -John Footen, Workflow Visionary,
    Recipient of 2013 SMPTE Workflow Medal

    AVP, Broadcast & Advertising, Cognizant

  • sterling-davis“Chris has a great strategic vision for solving broadcast workflow problems. He has helped individual broadcasters and the TV industry immensely through his tireless work on concepts and standardization of industry methods and practices.”

    -Sterling Davis,
    SMPTE Fellow

    Former VP Technical Operations, Cox Media Group

  • michael-silbergleid“I have known Chris for a number of years, and I highly recommend him. His technical and business acumen is second to none. But what really impresses me is Chris’ ability to explain technical processes to the non-technical — taking the time to make sure that key concepts are understood.”

    -Michael Silbergleid,
    President, The Silverknight Group

    Former Editor-in-Chief, Television Broadcast Magazine

  • mark-seigle“I have known Chris for many years and have found his technical acumen stretching across multiple technology markets incredibly valuable. Included in that acumen is his drive and expert planning to lead efforts that deliver a positive impact for clients worldwide.”

    -Mark Seigle,
    VP – Business Development, DTS

  • pete-challinger“Chris is one of the few people in the industry with a strong grasp of both the technology and business sides of television.”

    -Pete Challinger,
    VP – Business Development, Bannister Lake Software

    Former CEO, Pixel Power

  • john-wadleI have known Chris since 1998 as a consummate professional in broadcast solutions. He provides the hard-to-find combination of technical knowledge, customer savvy and communication skills needed to capture requirements and present solutions to both engineers and management.

    -John Wadle,
    Former VP Technology, OmniBus Systems

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