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On this page, you will find papers and presentations we have created on topics covering the media industry. We hope you will find them useful and interesting.

An entertaining panel discussion on Microservices at the IBC Show in Amsterdam in September of 2018, with Chris Lennon, Steve Reynolds (Imagine Communications), and Shak Malik (VMWare).


Chris Lennon’s full session on Microservices for Media at the IBC Show in Amsterdam in September of 2018.


Chris Lennon speaks at SMPTE 2017 Annual Technical Conference in Hollywood.

Chris Lennon speaks at NABA 2017 Media over IP event in New York.


The Pipe Dream Becomes Real: Advertising Workflows Come of Age

Article in SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal (Nov-Dec 2013)

Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room


Smooth Asset Workflows, Bigfoot, and UFOs


Are Fully Digital Workflows a Pipe Dream?


The Pipe Dream Becomes Real: Advertising Workflows Come of Age


A Pipe Dream No More – Advertising Workflows Have Come Of Age



Multi-Part Interview with Charlene Weisler

Conducted at the CIMM Summit in April of 2014 in New York.


Smooth Asset Workflows, Bigfoot and UFOs

From the SMPTE 2011 Annual Tech Conference and Exhibition

We all have a nagging feeling all three could exist. All we need is some proof. For asset workflows, we think the evidence is piling up. Efforts such as BXF, AS12, FIMS, and others, and organizations like SMPTE, AMWA, Ad-ID, and EIDR are combining to actually make it possible that we may realize smooth workflows surrounding assets from the top to the bottom of the food chain, for both program and commercial materials, sooner than we might have imagined.

New Integrated Workflows For Broadcast Facilities

GoogleTalks Session given at Google Campus

SMPTE Who We Are

SMPTE Members explain in their own words who SMPTE is. A brief history of SMPTE into the current and future activities are discussed, including SMPTE’s expertise, and challenges in quickly advancing technology. Featuring a number of high level broadcasting professionals, including Chris Lennon of MediAnswers and SMPTE Engineering Director

SMPTE Why We Join

Shot at the 2012 NAB Show, this video features SMPTE members explaining in their own words why they have joined, including MediAnswers President and CEO, and SMPTE Engineering Director Chris Lennon.

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