Chris Lennon will be speaking at this major upcoming industry event on the hot topic of microservices for media.  Join us there- we’d love to see you!









Our own Peter Storer has been inducted as a SMPTE Fellow!  This is a huge honor, and well-deserved for his contributions to the media industry.  Join us in congratulating him.

BXF 5.0 has been published under out leadership.  It’s a big deal, particularly with the brand new BXF SDK being a part of it.  Read all about it here:

BXF SDK Press Release

We are proud to have been honored at this recent event.  Many thanks to our terrific customers for helping us grow and get to this point.






We are on the road at several events in 2017.  We will be at the following:

  • NAB NY, October 18-20
  • SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, October 23-26

If you’ll be at any of these great events, let us know – we’d love to meet up.

Our clients have not slowed a bit as the entire M&E value chain continue to evolve.

Industry efforts spearheaded by SMPTE and NABA are moving into advanced stages. SMPTE’s Open Binding of IDs utilizes earlier work on EIDR and AdID while NABA is moving to the next phase of its JTFFFMI and DPP initiatives as the need for common workflow conventions and automation becomes ever more pervasive.

IMF education and training by Mesclado coincides with a greater number of suppliers and content providers planning and implementing products, services, and commercial models to take advantage of the storage and distribution efficiencies IMF represents.

Past and current MediAnswers clients provide us with insight that is more than a little eye opening!

Aside from the craziness of the 2016 political theater (it would be hard to even make this stuff up), there are pervasive signs of sanity across our industry:

  • Workflow optimization, efficiency and scale are now a cyclical part of the Industry’s landscape. This means analytics and data visualization are the new challenges
  • IT infrastructure is not just shopping at CDW and hiring Sys Admins. Dev Ops is the new skill set in high demand though its a culture not just a head count
  • Metadata has moved beyond data about data – its about action, automation and analytics
  • Cloud Solutions are about learning what works and where the gaps are then re-architecting to match ongoing technology, business, and operational requirements

To schedule your private meeting with the experts from MediAnswers, contact us at any time.


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