Here, you will find everything you need to know about one of the hottest trends in media today – the Interoperable Master Format (IMF).  Check out up-to-date articles, videos, and links related to IMF, details of upcoming events, and more.

What Is IMF?



Some Background

IMF was born of the D-Cinema Package (DCP) standard success. DCP enabled a movie’s distribution worldwide using a single file format, with each region receiving one or more versions of the content, aka “Compositions”.  Several compositions can share common audiovisual frames, thus reducing distribution complexity.

In 2006, the Hollywood studios began to consider a similar format for their masters. The idea became a reality in 2007 with the creation of a specification under the aegis of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), a think tank based at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles).


IMF Standardization Status














IMF largely relies on existing standards, including MXF. This guide IRT provides this excellent update.

Click here to get some insights on the MXF standards that IMF utilizes.


Presentations on IMF

SMPTE Standards Update Webcast on IMF – Application #2 and Beyond



IMF Mechanisms for carrying metadata

Discover all about the current practices of the IMF mechanisms for carrying Metadata. This presentation is brought to you by Marquise Technologies, presented at the occasion of the EBU Production Technology Seminar.



Case Study #1: Film Mastering and Versioning

Check out the first of 15 case studies we’ve identified, each of them offers more benefits.
we are comparing the operational expenditures from mastering to versioning WITH and WITHOUT IMF.  If you’d like the PDF version of this, contact us.




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