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Our core expertise lies in the areas of media software systems, standardization, and broadcast, advertising and agency workflows. With the advent of programmatic purchasing of ad time, targeted ads, multiplatform delivery, and the like, we help to sort through the noise.


Media Organization & Agency Consulting

Having decades in the business, we are in a position to provide expert consulting to your media or agency organization on a variety of levels. With experience with organizations large and small across the globe, from the AAAA to most of the major networks, to the VAB, we can help you make your operation the best it can be.

Software Development

We offer very competitively priced, highly-scalable resources for software development needs. Our team has lots of experience developing a wide array of media-related applications for a wide cross-section of the industry. Projects are expertly managed, with a history of on-time and on-budget delivery to happy clients. We can handle projects requiring anywhere from 1-100 developers, from weeks to years in duration.

Software Systems Integration

Most media companies use a whole compendium of systems and software, typically from multiple vendors, to accomplish their media distribution. Those systems often communicate poorly, or not at all. When that is the case, you have to manually enter data into your “automated” system, costing you time, money, and accuracy.  We are experts at making media software systems seamlessly integrate.

Standards Representation

Standards set the course for the future of our industry. Without them, there would be no “media ecosystem”. Whether you are seeking a view into what is on the media technology horizon or a role in guiding where things are headed, we can help. Our team have assisted organizations both large and small in leading a large number of standardization and specification efforts in many organization, such as the AMWA, ATIS, ATSC, POPAI, SCTE, SMPTE, and more.

Vendor and Product Selection

Are you overwhelmed by the choices available in the areas of media software systems, such as Asset Management, Traffic, Playout Automation, Program Management, Agency Systems, and others? We can help. With firsthand experience with many of the systems and players in these spaces, we act as your partner in defining requirements, managing RFI/RFP/RFQ processes, vendor selection, and implementation.


It’s really tough to keep up to speed on all the latest industry developments and trends.  Let us help, with our extensive background in private and public educational events and materials on a wide array of topics.

Curious how 4K/UHD and/or the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) may impact your operation? Check out previews of studies from our partner, Mesclado, that shed light on these crucial topics. If you’re interested in the full studies, contact us.

Unique Expertise

We are industry-leading experts in areas such as: BXF, Program Management, Traffic and Sales (both on the agency and media side), OBID, Content Delivery, and many others.

Business, Market, Product, and Sales Development

With decades of experience and industry leadership, we can help you focus and develop new strategies and tactical plans, even directly implementing change. Many of our most successful projects were a result of putting experienced eyes, ears and thoughts to work on WIP to help refine complex details, spot hidden trends, or identify key pain points that positively impact the outcome. We have a great track record of helping a wide array of companies.

Now that you know how we can help, fill out our contact form to speak with an expert.

“Chris and the team at MediAnswers are not only knowledgeable in all areas of media systems and workflow, but appreciative of budget constraints, and schedule requirements, I highly recommend them”. – Harold Geller, Chief Growth Officer, Ad-ID


What We Do

MediAnswers is the leader in market analysis, media management, workflow optimization, and systems integration. We work with each client individually, getting to know their team, their current systems, and needs. Depending on your needs, we will perform any or all of the following:


  • Thorough analyses of your media management needs and opportunities
  • Competitive analysis of others in your space
  • Industry trends analysis and forecast
  • Market opportunities analysis
  • Recommendation and implementation of systems and practices to fully address your media management needs
  • Representation for your company in international standards bodies


  • Thorough analyses of your product, market and/or sales strategies
  • Competitive analysis across your primary through tertiary target markets
  • Industry trends analysis and projections
  • Generation and presentation of Executive Summaries, MRDs, and PRDs
  • Support various levels of go to market strategies including end user engagements, channel development and other sales initiatives

We focus on becoming experts in your products and solutions to objectively understand where you need the help. Every company, regardless of size or origin, experiences scenarios where lack of intimate knowledge, available skilled resources, or fluid business dynamics increases investment and revenue risk. MediAnswers can alleviate those unwanted exposures.

We will help you to manage all of your workflows and media in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. You will be able to leverage your media assets in such a way that you will maximize their value to your organization.

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